Build Brain Games On-The-Fly with ProProfs!

“With thousands of games to choose from, ProProfs Brain Games has something fun for everyone, including bloggers, teachers and students, parents searching for a way to spend time with their kids, or even just casual gamers looking to flex their mental muscles.” – Sameer Bhatia, Founder & President

ProProfs Brain Games allows users for free to create their own custom games and share them across the Web quickly by uploading them to blogs and social media. Custom Brain Games makes it possible for bloggers to encourage visitors to spend more time on their site by presenting their text or photo content in the form of a game or puzzle. Teachers can engage their students by integrating a lesson plan into a custom game.

Why didn’t I have such things when I was a student? But then again, we are always learning something, and doing it in the form of a brain stimulating game certainly does not harm (does it?). Excuse me, I am off to play and build some brain games on-the-fly 🙂

99 Free EduGames to Spice Up Your Course!

99 Free EduGames to Spice Up Your Course!

Thanks to 11 new discoveries replicated from Jeff Cobb’s juicy EduGame post, ZaidLearn’s updated EduGames list must be one of the juiciest EduGame lists of all time. If not, who cares!

Here are 99 reasons to forget about Santa Claus for a few years! If you can’t beat ZaidLearn, just enjoy that old long-winded fart. But remember, ZaidSwoosh is the next big thing in ‘Swoosh’ blogging. Whatever!!! 🙂